Technology & IP Advantage

Stayhealthy's mission is to make clinical-quality health measurement devices available and affordable to the average consumer.

Stayhealthy's proprietary algorithms, tested and proven through years of research and clinical trials, combined with its zero-defect approach to manufacturing, allows its products to provide accuracy similar to that found in machines costing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The only combination body composition and calorie trackers cleared by the FDA as Class II medical devices for the average consumer, Stayhealthy products provide the best possible value/price tradeoff available in the health assessment device market today.

The core of Stayhealthy's intellectual property portfolio includes patents and trade secrets, which include the capture of body composition and calories burned through remote hardware and transmitting the information over the Internet, where proprietary algorithms analyze the data. Armed with an individual's demographic and fitness data, Stayhealthy is able to quickly and accurately calculate body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and hydration, i.e. body composition. Abstracting the calculations from the physical capture device allows for highly personalized readings without the user having to go through an arduous set-up or log-in procedure. It also gives Stayhealthy the ability to augment and combine the information gathered with other tools and functionality to provide the individual with a health plan and an ongoing health measurement and advice feedback loop that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to provide without extensive human intervention.

Stayhealthy's process, backed by its patent portfolio and trade secrets, are allowing Stayhealthy to "democratize" health and fitness measurement, bringing average people the tools required to take control of their health and get and stay healthy.

Granted patents include:

  • Health Assessment Kiosk, Patent Nos. USD552,875 S, US D501,557 S
  • System For Generating A Signal Indicative Of A State Of A User's Body, Patent No. US 7,262,703 B2

Stayhealthy's patent portfolio includes additional patents both granted and pending.