Stayhealthy's corporate and government programs allow you to offer your customers, employees or constituents a way to proactively assess, monitor and improve their health, ultimately reducing your costs.

Business & Government

The program can include the following tools and can be easily customized with your branding or to meet your specific requirements:

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HealthCenter Kiosk

In Development

Want to give people a quick, easy way to instantly assess their health and track key indicators over time? The HealthCenter kiosk measures blood pressure, body composition, weight, pulse, eyesight, hearing, temperature, stress, etc. The kiosk incorporates products cleared by the FDA.

BC3 Body Composition Analyzer Kit

Looking for a revolutionary way to track your level of health and fitness? The BC3 measures lean body mass, body fat, and hydration. Cleared by the FDA.

On-line Health Monitoring Tools

Want to see how you're improving over time? Access to on-line tools for tracking your weight, body composition and calories burned are available.