It's Not Always About Weight

Did you know that weight is not necessarily the best measure of your overall health or risk for obesity and weight-related health issues?

While weight can be an important factor in determining whether or not you are healthy, using weight alone, even when combined with knowledge of your gender, height, et cetera, is not advisable. For instance, did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? So, if you started lifting weights and turning fat into muscle, you'd likely start to weigh more than you did before, at least for a time, even as you were getting healthier! That's why measurements such as BMI (Body Mass Index), which rely solely on standardized height and weight ratios, can't accurately assess your current health status or risk. There are simply too many variables that are unique to each individual to use such one-size-fits-all approaches to determining your true health status and successfully managing its improvement over time.

We believe the best method to get an accurate picture of your health status and risk, and to indicate whether or not you need to take action to get healthier, is to measure your ratio of lean muscle mass to fat (as well as your hydration levels), or your individual body composition.

By capturing highly-accurate physiological readings such as body composition with Stayhealthy tools, and combining these readings with some basic demographic information specific to you, Stayhealthy can obtain a clear picture of your unique health situation, allowing us to create a personalized plan to help you get healthier.

And why is measuring hydration important? Seventy-five percent of us are dehydrated1, and being dehydrated can impair your ability to lose weight and build lean muscle mass. Monitoring your hydration levels on a consistent basis with the Stayhealthy Body Composition Analyzer can assist in making sure you're properly hydrated and your body is optimally tuned for burning calories, losing weight, and increasing lean muscle mass. In addition to being critical to your body's overall well-being, proper hydration also provides additional cosmetic benefits such as improving your complexion and skin tone.

Your weight is only one factor to measure as you try to get healthy, and it's not the most important. To truly understand your health go deeper. Understand what that weight is made of. You may actually be healthier than you think!

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